Are you one of the millions of people who are uncomfortable asking for what you're worth, uncomfortable selling under any circumstances, or simply HATE TO SELL?

Now just imagine for a moment how different your life would be if you actually ENJOYED SELLING!

Being able to SELL is the ultimate freedom, isn't it? 

Why . . . if you could simply SELL directly to those who NEED your product or service, you could go BOSS-FREE forever! 

I can't even begin to count all the people I've met over the years who are EXPERT at what they do . . .

but are willing to accept less money and definitely less autonomy because WORKING FOR A COMPANY is all they are comfortable with.

You may never have considered that THE ONLY DIFFERENCE between being an EMPLOYER (who earns the BULK OF THE  MONEY) . . .

and being an EMPLOYEE (who earns a set salary, but by definition FAR LESS MONEY than the value of his/her work in the marketplace) . . . 

IS . . . 

The company SELLS for you.

Someone at any company you work for is responsible for SELLING and bringing in NEW BUSINESS. 

As long as they are successful, you get paid.  If they fail, you get fired.

So in reality, the SECURITY you think you have is only as SECURE as the skill of your company's salesforce.

Never thought of that, huh?

Aren't you dissatisfied living a life of unpredictable bosses, unexpected terminations and lower income across the board just because you DON'T LIKE SELLING?

Well, you may be surprised to know that if you are one of those people who DON'T LIKE SELLING because it makes you feel like a USED CAR SALESMAN . . .

I felt like a used car salesman at my first couple of sales jobs.

Back in my 20s, I HATED SELLING.

I took one job selling advertisements in a restaurant guide.  Cold calling.  It was awful!

I'll never remember something my boss said to me at the time, initiated by my poor sales performance:  "You're boring me, Harvey, just like you're boring the customers.  Now get out there and SELL!"


Luckily, I became quite adept as a copywriter and I discovered I had the ability to sell  particularly well on paper – at least good enough to become an internet multimillionaire as an affiliate marketer (with my story told in the NYT Bestseller, Get Rich Click.)

But even then, I didn't feel truly confident and comfortable selling something to someone in person or even over the phone.

Until, by accident, I discovered ETHICAL SELLING.

You see, one of my businesses involves helping high-achieving teens get into highly selective schools.  And since this is my passion project, I run it very, very small scale, just a few students at a time.

Since I had room for so few students anyway, I started surprising myself with my own honesty. 

Quite often, I told parents as diplomatically as I could that their kids were not a good fit for my program. (Usually because I was unconvinced that the students would do the work necessary to succeed.)

Can you imagine that?  Goes against all the rules of good salesmanship, doesn't it?

Was I CRAZY for turning down a sale that I thought wouldn't have a good result in the end?

Maybe not.

What if turning down the sale is actually a better outcome for both me and the potential client? 

That's when I realized that ETHICAL SELLING occurs when the person selling is laser focused on one thing only:  HELPING THE BUYER.

ETHICAL SELLING by definition changes the sales relationship from a CONTEST into a FRIENDLY CHAT.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

Imagine you see your next door neighbor struggling with a lawnmower.  And you know there is a gadget that will fix his problem.  Wouldn't you feel almost a neighborly duty to tell him?  And if he resisted, you might think of another way to communicate the value to him, because you see him struggling and you know this gadget (which he clearly could afford) would relieve his pain.


I'm committed to ETHICAL SELLING in my own businesses, and that's how I coach others to sell as well.

Don't you think you could sell if you were simply offering somebody else something you completely believed in and felt confident could be life changing for them?

Remember, ETHICAL SELLING may not always help you to meet sales quotas.

Because you NEVER want to take somebody's money unless you are CONFIDENT you are HELPING THE BUYER.

Sometimes, you as the seller and the buyer will arrive together at the conclusion that CLOSING THE SALE IS NOT THE BEST OPTION.

But if your offer has true value in the marketplace . . .

there should still be more than enough good-fit clients to help you earn all the money you need, doing something you feel really good about.

ETHICAL SELLING is the road to true freedom . . .  

earn as much money as you WANT . . . 

and enjoy all the WORK SATISFACTION you could ever desire.

Sounds pretty sweet, huh?

So here's my ETHICAL OFFER for you:


That's right.  You will get a 1-on-1 coaching session every week . .

plus specific tasks and homework for you to accomplish each week, customized to your specific situation and designed to start maximizing your income.

Whatever you want to sell, and in whatever arena you want to sell it, I will guide you to make as many sales and as much money as possible in 30 days. 

And you will owe me nothing.

Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn't it?

Sure, I could lose some money here. 

I could coach you for FREE for a month, you could make thousands of dollars with my coaching, and then you could walk away leaving me empty handed. 

Still, if that happens, I'll feel pretty darned fulfilled.

But I'm betting that won't happen.

I'm betting that as long as you see positive changes every month that are more valuable than what I would ever ask for as payment, you are going to be a long-term client.

And right now, the fee for ongoing 1-on-1 coaching is only $500 per month (cancel any time).

As we work together you might discover that ETHICAL SELLING can improve not just your income, but your relationship with your coworkers, your relationship with your spouse – in fact, every relationship you have.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.


The first step is for us to meet by Zoom and see if we even like each other – if we both get the feeling that we would work well together.
And if we end up on the same page, we will both agree it's worth risking 30 days of each other's time to see what kind of transformations are possible.

Sound good?

What's the catch?  I only have room to take on a few new clients right now.

So don't delay. 

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