Harvey Wizard® In The News

Marketing has been a lifelong labor of love for me, since I started a successful photography business in 1975 at the age of 16.


My iconoclastic approach has gotten me in trouble from time to time (like when I was interviewing for a job at Grey Advertising and the HR person said, "So you see yourself as something of a mad scientist, figuring out how to reach into  customers' heads and pull a lever that will make them buy your product?"  I answered, "Yes, sort of."  END OF INTERVIEW.

But my out of the box thinking also made me the most successful ($150 per hour) street musician in New York City during the 1970's and as well as an overnight internet multi-millionaire – when I figured out how to beat the Google Adwords algorithm in 2003 (my story is told in Marc Ostrofsky's NYT bestselling book, Get Rich Click.)

I used marketing to find the love of my life. ( My beautiful wife, Dr. Raquel Miranda, responded to the carefully crafted Craig's List personal ad I posted.)

I started The Medical Massage Group in New York City in 1991 with a $500 investment and built it into the largest pregnancy massage center in the country, with annual revenue of over $3,000,000.

I started my College Wizard tutoring business in 2010 (based on the fact that I figured out 54 little rules, which when followed, guarantee a perfect SAT score) on a $100 advertising investment which returns six figure revenue year after year.

I'm a published songwriter, an award winning wedding photographer and professional standup comedian.

I built an orphanage in Ethiopia (the story of which is told in the documentary film, Manhattan to Mekele.)