FREE! Your Guaranteed Custom Roadmap To A 100K Side Hustle

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Turn What You're Good At And Enjoy Into A 100K Side Hustle!

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What if a multimillionaire philanthropist was willing to take you under his wing and coach you to succeed in turning whatever you love to do into a 100K SIDE HUSTLE?

I know it may sound too good to be true, but that's exactly my offer to you.


Whatever your dream side hustle may be – whether it's simply doing what you do now for somebody else (because you love to do it anyway), or turning your passion into an income stream –  give me 15 minutes – and I'll create a custom, guaranteed roadmap to a 100K SIDE HUSTLE.

That's right.  I'll create your custom roadmap personally – on the spot – on a 15-minute phone call, just to prove I'm a real wizard.

As the world's only polymath success coach, I'm not only a Certified Life Coach, but I've also achieved greater financial success since I graduated from Dartmouth in 1980 – in a greater variety of arenas – than almost anybody else in the world.

Yes, I really am an internet multimillionaire – my story is told in the NYT Bestseller, Get Rich Quick – but I'm also a published songwriter, award winning photographer, successful musician, bestselling author, world's winningest college admission coach, filmmaker, philanthropist and globetrotting standup comedian.

So the custom 100K SIDE HUSTLE ROADMAP I will create for you is based on my own success starting multiple businesses either very similar to or exactly like the one that's perfect for you.

I'll give you my out-of-the-box techniques for creating an income stream robust enough (and derived from work you ENJOY) that will let you build a 100K SIDE HUSTLE in less time than you thought possible.

So whether you simply want to take what you are doing now and go out on your own, or follow your passion into a more fulfilling line of work altogether, I'll teach you how to get there, step-by-step, using the methods that have allowed me to achieve my own 8-figure success.

What's the catch?

Since I handle every call personally, spots are extremely limited and this offer expires when all spots are filled.

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Harvey was on our board of directors back when we had only a small circle of supporters. Harvey spent years trying to convince us that we needed to offer children's tap classes as a sustainable income source for our organization. When we finally agreed to give his idea a try, we lacked the money to get it started. So Harvey just wrote us a $5000 check for seed money. Many years later, we now offer classes to as many as hundreds of students a month and Harvey's vision provides the sustenance that has largely enabled us to weather two recessions. (As a side note, Harvey donated his time to build our new website and saved us thousands of dollars.) If you are lucky enough to have an opportunity to work with Harvey, you should definitely jump at the chance.

Tony Waag, Director, American Tap Dance Foundation

I sold my last business for 23 million dollars and can obviously hire any consultant I want. But when I needed the best person to drive traffic to my new website, I called Harvey because he is an internet marketing genius. 'Nuf said.

Lloyd Ecker, Founder Of Babytobe and Funny For Money


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Frank K., Tampa, FL

Reached my income target of $100,000 per month on day 88 of working with Harvey.  Harvey is by far the most honest business coach I have ever hired.    After taking so many online courses, I was skeptical about Harvey being able to teach me something new.  But he is without a doubt a marketing genius, and he identified what needed to be fixed in my contracting business in our first session.  With his help, I anticipate hitting seven figures this year.


Now that I've made all my dreams come true, let me start working on yours.



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“Success is doing what
others are unable, unwilling
or too scared to do.”

Harvey Wizard